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Master Harvey L. Kennedy, 8th Dan began studying Isshinryu karate under Sensei L. William Pogue in October 1967, while a student at Louisiana Tech University.  He was an instructor for the Louisiana Tech Isshinryu Karate Club from 1969-1971.  Upon graduation from Louisiana Tech University in 1971, Master Kennedy moved back to the Shreveport/Bossier City area and opened a professional karate studio, "Dixie National Karate Studio", in Bossier City, LA. In the mid-80's, he opened "Holistic Fitness", which was a traditional karate studio and also offered massage therapy, on Texas Avenue in Shreveport.  In January of 1992, the dojo was moved to its current location on Youree Drive, and is now called "Kennedy's Karate USA".  During the 1970's, Master Kennedy won numerous trophies in tournament competitions all over the USA with national champions such as Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, and Demetrius "The Greek" Havanas.  In the 80's and 90's, emphasis shifted to seminars with world-known martial artists such as Robert Trias, Jeff Smith and the Gracie Brothers.  In 1991, as a member of a 3-man Louisiana team, Master Kennedy and his teammates  won first place in the USKA World Championship Tournament in New Orleans, LA, competing in the Senior (over 30) division, beating the team from Argentina in the final round. Master Kennedy has served on the Board of Directors for the Isshinryu Karate-Do Association for the past 20 years.  He also has been inducted into the Museum of Champions in Shreveport, along with Terry Bradshaw and other outstanding athletes from the Shreveport / Bossier City area. In August 2008 Master Harvey Kennedy was inducted into the Isshinryu Hall of Fame.


Sensei Ronnie Brasher, 7th Dan, 
started martial arts training in 1975 with Sensei Kennedy & Sensei John Lloyd at Dixie National Karate Studio in Bossier City, Louisiana. In August of 1980, he was promoted to Sho Dan. On May 5, 1983, he received Ni Dan from Harvey Kennedy and Jim Harbour. He received San Dan on November 21, 1987, from the Isshinryu Karate-Do Association board lead by Sensei Bill Pogue. At that seminar and black belt test, several notable black belts were in attendance. Masters A.J. Advincula, Allen Wheeler, and Kenneth Pittaway were part of the testing board that year. Promotions to yon dan (4th degree), go dan (5th degree), and roku dan (6th degree) were awarded by the Isshinryu Karate-Do Association. In May of 2005, he was accepted as a student of Master Ed Johnson, a first generation student of Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. Sensei Johnson trained in Okinawa under Master Tatsuo Shimabuku in later part of 1959, 1960, & some of 1961. He retired (again) in September of 2008 and moved back to NW Louisiana.  He teaches the black belt class here at Karate USA. Over the years, he has participated in seminars given by Master A.J. Advincula, Sensei Norbert Donnelly, Master Sherman Harrill, and others. On December 18, 2009, he was promoted to Shichi Dan (7th degree black belt) by Sensei Ed Johnson. In January of 2010, Sensei Brasher celebrated completion of 35 years in Isshinryu.


Sensei Michael Myers, 5th Dan, 
assists Master Kennedy in teaching  classes and private lessons.  Sensei Myers started martial arts training in December of 1991 with Sensei Kennedy when the dojo on Youree Drive first opened.  In 1993 he started assisting with instruction of classes, and he started competing in tournaments across the region.  In 1995 he was ranked fourth in the nation in Senior Kumite and ninth in the nation in Colored Belt Men Kata.  He took third place in Senior Advanced Kata at the 1995 USKA World Championships. In 1996 he was ranked fourth in the nation in Brown Belt Men Kumite and sixth in the nation in Brown Belt Men Kata.  In 1996 he was ranked second in Louisiana in Brown Belt Kumite and third in Louisiana in Brown Belt Kata, and won fourth place in Black Belt Senior Heavy Weight at the 1996 USKA World Championships.  In July of 1997 he was promoted to Sho Dan, 1st Degree Black Belt in El Dorado, Arkansas. In 1997 he was ranked third in Black Belt Middle Weight Kumite in the state of Louisiana.  He received his Ni Dan in November of 2002 and has instructed both children and adult classes at Kennedy's Karate USA.  He is in charge of both the Competition Team and Demonstration Team. He was promoted to San Dan on February 21, 2009. On February 26, 2011 he received his 4th Degree Black Belt, Yo Dan, in Greenville, MS in front of a very distinguished IKA testing board. On December 13, 2014 in Shreveport, Louisiana he was promoted to Go Dan, 5th Degree Black Belt.

Sensei Joseph Dismukes, 3rd Dan, 
assists Master Kennedy in teaching classes. Sensei Dismukes started training in Isshinryu Karate in 2001 with Sensei Kennedy. Promoted to Sho Dan November 2005 from the Isshinryu Karate-Do Association board lead by Sensei Bill Pogue and Ni Dan in February 2009. He was promoted to San Dan in February 2011.


Sensei Trey Luce, 3rd Dan, began his study of karate in 1990 and began assisting in 1992.  In 1998, he took 2nd place in kata in the USKA Worlds Championship in New Orleans, and 3rd in grappling at the USKA Nationals in California.


Sensei Gary and Sensei Rebecca Bolda,  Ni Dans

Sensei Gary and Sensei Rebecca (Becca) started training at Karate USA under Harvey Kennedy in 2003. They both tested for their 1st Degree Black Belts (Sho Dan) at the end of 2006. Gary has a passion for Kumite while Becca excels at Kata. . They both tested for their 2nd Degree Black Belts (Ni Dan) in Feb of 2010. Gary is a pilot for American Eagle Airlines.



Crystal Whitman, Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt.) In November, 2001, Crystal tested for, and was awarded,
her 1st Degree Black Belt.







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